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We are back again for another year of the Hilton Feast Week Produce Show - in which all ages can showcase their extraordinary talents in growing, baking, designing, preserving, making and arranging a host of items!

This year sees Feast Week celebrate its 40th anniversary so why not take the plunge and enter?

See Village Website for full list of all 99 items

To enter:

Some tickets / categories show some important extra information (such as plate size, numbers of an item etc) so please read carefully before submitting.

  • Click on the green "register" button you can see above

  • Simply select a "ticket" for each class you would like to enter (you can enter as many as you like) and then click on the "checkout" button you will see towards the bottom of that screen (scroll down if you can't immediately see it)

  • You will then be able to tick the category / categories for each ticket type you have chosen.


SELECT a 'fruit cup plate' ticket to then choose from 10 different categories (plate of mixed soft fruit, plate of any distinct fruit, plate of 7 strawberries, 1 cooking apple etc)

If you want to enter different children in your family for the children's classes just select 1 ticket, and further on in the process you can enter their different names and ages.

Once you have finished

Once you have submitted your details you will receive a confirmation e-mail which will show all the details you have entered, an easy reminder for nearer the time when you can't quite recall! It will also include information on timing and other relevant details.

The contact details entered will only be used in connection with this event (such as sending out reminders etc, or to notify you when bookings are open for next year) and to provide the organisers / judges with information for entries / labels etc.

Additional Information

  • Final deadline (no exceptions) for all entries is 10.00pm on 19th July 2017.

  • To enter any of the children's classes the entrant must be 16 or under as at the date of the Produce Show - you will be asked for their name and age as part of the booking process.

  • Full details of any specific requirements are detailed in the booking process (for example plate size, numbers of an item, theme etc) and by submitting your entry you accept these in full

  • Cups and rosettes are awarded to villagers (in line with Feast Week Policy). For village entries there are rosettes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each of the 99 categories. The Cups (Alice Collen Cup, Thomas Collen Cup and Jacob Collen Cup) are awarded based on the highest number of 1sts in the relevant age range.

  • Other entrants are very welcome, and could win Highly Commended rosettes.

  • All items entered can be received in the marquee on the morning of the 23rd July only, from 8.15am. Doors will be closed promptly at 10.15am for judging.

Why are we introducing this on-line system?

As you can perhaps imagine with hundreds of entries across all 99 classes the paperwork involved in previous years has probably consumed a great deal of trees, and has taken a huge amount of volunteer time to process, compile etc.

In a bid to be more environmentally friendly (by reducing the use of hardcopies) and to ensure the continued longevity of the event (by reducing the time required from volunteers when everyone is so busy) we needed to find a more modern approach.

Unless monies are being collected through it this system is free (and easy!) to use, as evidenced by its global use for everything from big marathons to concerts and scout camps to even family occassions. All the details are compiled into standard / custom reports - and can even produce labels if we so choose.

Once an event is set up then in coming years only dates need to be updated, plus any changes to classes or wording (especially on any constructive feedback from this first year)




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