Proposed House Building in Hilton


*** Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting to discuss ***

Monday 30th Oct 2017 7.30PM Village Hall

Please click HERE for video of the meeting

A copy of the document the Parish Council approved at the meeting and agreed to send to HDC can be found here :-


I would also urge you all to comment separately, directly on the HDC site, and remember this has to be done before the close of the consultation at 16:30 on this coming Friday 3rd November :-


There is a link to a guide on how to register and leave a comment which you may useful :-


There has been a process of "Call for Sites" by HDC where landowners have been asked to propose sites suitable for house building

The following sites have been submitted for consideration within Hilton (with size in hectares and the councils views of how many houses each area could sustain) with a theoretical total maximum of 222 houses!

  • East of B1040, North of Cross Farm Close, Hilton. 95 dwellings 5.3ha
  • South of Church End, West of Wychwood, Hilton 19 dwellings 0.8ha
  • North of High Street, East of Cross Farm Close, Hilton 47 2.1ha
  • Graveley Way, Hilton 1.8ha
  • North of New England, Hilton 61 dwellings 3.4ha

It is surprising to see that no public comments (apart from the submitters) have been made against any of these and unfortunately the deadline for submitting comments directly against these passed on the 25th August

These proposals have been included in the (HELAA) Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment: October 2017 document which has full details of each submission, and analysis by HDC, I would encourage you to read the section on Hilton (and perhaps the rest!)

A copy can be downloaded here (44MB)

You are however, still able to make comments on the HELAA until 3rd Nov 2017, which can be done here:

As this is potentially last chance to comment, I would encourage you to take a look and comment if you feel appropriate. There may be another opportunity in December when the final proposed submission is produced but I would guarantee it.

The ability to comment directly on the Huntingdonshire Local Plan to 2036: Consultation Draft 2017 is also now closed, but copies of related documents can be found here:

Copy of current draft here:

Also more information can be found at

Location of "Call for Sites" submissions



Plans of sites for proposed housing in Hilton offered in response to "Call for Site" by HDC July 2017


East of B1040, North of Cross Farm Close, Hiltonalt



alt alt


North of High Street, East of Cross Farm Close, Hiltonalt



South of Church End, West of Wychwood, Hiltonalt



Graveley Way, Hilton




North of New England, Hilton



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