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Progress Report – September 2008

Hilton residents attended the St Ives Area Neighbourhood Police Consultation Panel on 3rd September. There have been seven roadside checks in Hilton since the last Panel in June. We requested information on the outcomes, such as number of offenders detected and follow ups. The Police stated that these checks did appear to deter speeding during their presence at roadside, but admitted that the deterrent effect is likely to be short lived. It was agreed that traffic problems in Hilton will continue to have high priority for next period. Thanks to everyone who turned out to keep up the pressure on this issue.

Details of a new self-help scheme called 'SpeedWatch' are currently being finalized by local police in conjunction with District Council. This is due to be implemented by end 2008. Information is due to be sent to Parish and Town Councils each of which will have to decide whether to participate.

Our considered view is that occasional neighbourhood police roadside speed checks and self help schemes are not going to bring about adequate compliance with speed limits.
We have asked our County Councillor to make utmost effort to persuade County Highways to install effective traffic calming measures and control measures.

We shall also continue to demand that the Police deliver on their duty to enforce the speed limits and weight limit restrictions.

Reminder: HAT is keeping a record of all traffic incidents and accidents occurring on any road in Hilton. This important evidence will be used to support our proposals for action.
If you see or hear anything you think is worth noting whether it is connected with speed, danger, risk-taking or just stupidity, please provide details to Pat Bellass - tel 839022, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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