Hilton Adult Choir
Calling all Hilton adults who like to sing.
Please come and join a new Hilton Adult Choir.
To keep our parish church and its community alive.
To share a common love of music and tap into more great Hilton talent.
A great social time when the autumn starts and days get shorter.
Hopefully something for everyone.
What does it involve?
Just three rehearsals and one performance at the back to church service. Musical arrangement by Nick Sarkies.
Initially just three pieces, two to be advised in advance and one open to a vote by the choir at the first rehearsal.
Sunday 7th September from 5 to 6pm
Sunday 14th September from 5 to 6pm
Sunday 21st September from 5 to 6pm
Sunday 28th September at 11.15 am
All at Hilton Parish Church
We really look forward to giving you a warm welcome. To end rehearsals on a jolly note pre dinner or post Sunday lunch drinks and canapés will be provided.
If you can let me know if you are interested that would be great, however unannounced members will be welcomed just as much.
Alison Dunk
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
tel/text 07545 428421