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Sunday July 27th to Saturday 2nd August

Sunday 27 th July 2014 The Float Carnival Day will be a great start to Feast Week with the PRODUCE SHOW (Please note that there WILL be drinks classes (67 & 68) for the Drink Cup, despite its omission from the Feast Week printed Program 

Monday 28 th July Children’s craft activities 2- 4pm in the Village hall, then the cricket match at 6.00pm.

Tuesday 29 th July Toddler’s and children are welcome with parents to The Farm Club, St Ives with drinks provided by Feast week 11.30- 1.00pm then the cricket match 6pm.

Wednesday 30th July.Children’s Feast week service with Teddy bears picnic,11.30 am, children’s magic show at 5.00pm. Art show opens 6pm as well as cricket match. Irish bingo at 7.00 pm, and then a disco. Kids bar, BBQ, Bar, and raffle will then be on daily, times shown in the programme.

Thursday 31st July. Find The Woodland fairy 2-4 pm, the Art show opens at 6.00pm, Children’s entertainment ‘Science Mad’ at 5pm then the Band “Rendition” and disco, perform in the evening.

Friday 1st August Art show, 6.00 pm then Entertainment night starts at 7.00 pm.

Saturday 2nd August. Football Penalty Shootout at 11.00am, then at 1.30pm the Village Sports Day with Tug of War, Art Show prizes, Village Tea, then a Michael Jackson Tribute band, with the final disco.



Feast Week Programme Timetable

Full Feast Week Programme 2014 (6.5MB) Here


Hilton  Reflects  on 1914


Sunday Aug 3rd and Monday Aug 4th


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